It seems Apple have listened to our frustrations during the pandemic, and the iOS update 14.5 will allow users to unlock iPhones with Face ID wearing a mask. Possibly the best news to come out of this pandemic, some might say.

When facial recognition was introduced, we were all amazed at the tech. However, many of us are longing for the days we could unlock devices with the simple touch of a finger. It seems there is a catch to the news- in true Apple style of making you invest in more products, you have to have an Apple Watch too.

The watch will need to be unlocked to sync, but the user looking at an iPhone will be able to unlock their phone, signified with a buzz on the watch.

The latest update, iOS 14.4 has only just occurred, so it’s rumoured the iOS 14.5 will arrive later this month.

[Image Source: Apple & Shutterstock]