South Korean boy band BTS has taken the world by storm once again with their highly anticipated K-drama series, “Youth.” This exciting new venture delves deep into the captivating BTS Universe, bringing their intricate storyline to life on the small screen.

Chorokbaem Media, a South Korean production firm, has published this first trailer for its new K-drama series Youth, which was created in partnership with BTS’ label HYBE Corporation, four years after it was first announced. It was first debuted during the Korea Expo in Paris 2023. The release of this new trailer has sparked a frenzy among BTS’s devoted fanbase, collectively known as the ARMY.

The series takes place in the BTS Universe, which was first introduced in the boyband’s music videos for their 2015 ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ albums, and has since been expanded upon in multiple subsequent music videos and the 2016 Naver webtoon series Save Me.”Youth” promises to be a groundbreaking production, showcasing the members of BTS in a whole new light. The drama weaves together elements of fantasy, time travel, and music. It follows the journey of seven boys as they navigate through different dimensions, seeking to overcome their personal struggles and fulfill their destinies.

The stellar cast lineup for “Youth” includes the members of BTS themselves, who will be portraying their alter egos from the BTS Universe. This will bring their unique acting talents to the table, captivating audiences with their powerful performances. With their immense popularity as musicians, it’s no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting their transformation into actors.

“Youth” marks an exciting chapter in BTS’s already illustrious career. As the anticipation reaches its peak, fans are counting down the days until they can dive into the mesmerizing world of “Youth” and witness the magic unfold on their screens