A day that either people dread or love, single or taken, it’s happening at the end of this week. Many brands have released Valentines inspired collections this year for treats for yourself or treats for a partner, see a couple below.

Kicking off first are Nike’s new Air Max 90 kicks. Although they have included subtle hints to the special day, the pink and red colour palette are a giveaway. On the tongue of the trainer, you’ll find a flap with a snap button, revealing a red heart motif that says “ME + AM90 = TRUE LOVE”, a perfect trainer for the singles out there. You’ll also find heart shaped stamps by the lace eyelets to add more cute details to the shoe. This seems like a perfect gift to give yourself.  

Gucci have also joined in on the celebration, releasing a Valentines collection of rings to mugs. A particular favourite is the Valentine’s day chain card case wallet, which has the luxury brand’s name enclosed in a bright red heart. Gifting someone? Get them jewellery including deep-red heart bracelets, earrings or rings on silver. You can also buy a silk scarf which maintains the retailers 70s style, with the Gucci print rimmed by a thick red outline and heart Gucci motif. Keep looking pretty this year with their primer, foundation or lipstick too.

If you’d rather celebrate over a box of chocolates the Pokémon has you covered. They’ve collaborated with the Japanese confectioner Matsukazeya. The box includes eight different sets of goodness shaped like Pikachu, Mew, Dragonite, Ditto and Eevee. The collection comes in different variants from small to large boxes, but most memorably you can buy the Magnet Can Set which includes merch, like removable magnets from the lid so you can have a keepsake.

[Image Sources: Nike, Gucci & Pokemon]