Stüssy has continued to provide collaborations this year and has lately teased an unexpected collaboration with Martine Rose. Taking to Instagram, the streetwear label posted a photograph with the message, “Stüssy & Martine Rose…expect perfection Friday, April 14th 2023.” It is currently thought that the capsule collection between Stüssy and Martine Rose will be officially shown on Friday, April 14, 2023.

The image, taken by London-based photographer Rosie Marks, provides a taste of the collaboration, displaying two items from the collection. The most remarkable item is a pair of gloves worn by the driver of the car in the photo, which are distinguished by various colours as well as text and motif images from Stüssy and Martine Rose. A banner with a fringe element and a collage print with a colourful background are also available.

Above is a first look at the Stüssy x Martine Rose collaboration, which is set to be unveiled on April 14.