Tesla has recently opened its newest concept shop in Chengdu, China, offering a glimpse into its production process, robotic assistance, and more. While Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of the Cybertruck on the roads, the company has unveiled its Chengdu location.

Referred to as the “Giga Lab,” this facility has been hailed by Tesla as “the most beautiful store in Chengdu.” The highlight of this stunning venue is the opportunity for visitors to experience the “magic” of witnessing a car being built in just 45 seconds.

Yes, you read that correctly – a full car assembled in less than a minute. Unlike traditional retail stores or showrooms, the interior of the Giga Lab replicates Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, providing a more relaxed setting for customers to appreciate the “beauty of Tesla.”

Enthusiasts can marvel at the all-white electric cars showcased within the pristine white interior. Additionally, manufacturing-related exhibits, such as assembly robots and spare components, are on display. To further enhance the “workshop” theme, a partially finished Model 3 car is suspended from the ceiling by several cables.

Could brands start putting more money into unconventional retail locations that exhibit their distinct identities and products rather than serving only as a place for people to make purchases? It undoubtedly appears to be headed in that direction.