From humble begins or just sharing and reposting content he found funny! To accumulating a following of 10 million followers, The controversial social media star THE FAT JEWISH has seen that there is more opportunity with his large social presence than just doing paid shout outs and selling someone elses products. He wanted to be an Owner and in the exclusive interview with CNN Money he talks about spirit brands have clear market leaders that the everyday person can mention, however in the Rose and wine Market he felt like the everyday had no idea. He saw a great opportunity to take the 10 million people who follow him and use them as a focus group to develop this new brand. He co-founder this brand Swiss Beverages to fill that looming gap in the market. The branding a lot more similar to Beer in a can, than your high end beverage you’d consume at a wine-bar after work. But this pattern interrupt making the product easy to consume and carry round, with a clear white casing and bright pink and rainbow coloured bold font definitely makes this start-up stand-out from the rest of the market.

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