Recently the footballer Marcus Rashford has been in the press when he convinced MP’s to provide school meals for children over the summer holidays, but this was rejected for the October half-term break. He also signed with Jay-Z over the summer, read our article on that here.

Today, the Manchester United and England forward is making headlines once again for his book club to help children ‘enjoy the escapism of reading.’. He’s teamed up with Macmillan Children’s Books to promote reading and literacy.

The 23-year-old commented saying that books, ‘never a thing we could budget for as a family’, ‘I only started reading at 17, and it completely changed my outlook and mentality.’ Reading shouldn’t be for ‘just those that can afford it’ he continued. Back in the summer, his activism achieved him an MBE and his continuing to do the UK proud with his protest of children’s rights.

Macmillan have said that the scheme will see a large number of books being given to children from vulnerable and under-privileged backgrounds and will be working with Rashford and charities to make this happen.

We wonder what he’s going to go on to do next but based on what he’s already achieved at such a young age, we’re sure it’ll be great.