With Friday the 19th of November bringing us the launch of the new Playstation 5 the brand made sure all eyes were on them ahead of their launch. Playstation took London by storm as the brand used an ingenious marketing strategy, teaming up with Transport for London to change the tube station signs at Oxford Circus to the iconic Playstation controller buttons.

This caught the attention of shoppers on Oxford Street as well as creating a social media buzz. The world famous red roundel of the tube, which conveniently happens to be very similar to one of the buttons on a PlayStation controller, was joined by the other 3 shapes of the buttons creating 3 new tube station signs on Oxford Street.

There was also branding throughout the Oxford Circus tube station. People online have responded well to the stunt and many have commented on the fact that the main attraction has been constructed right outside the Oxford Street Microsoft store. Coincidence? Either way we love the idea and think it’s such a clever way to gain traction before the launch, people tend to love the collaborations that they were least expecting.

Julie Dixon, head of customer information, design and partnerships at TfL, said:

This fantastic partnership is a great example of how brands can work with us to use our stations and globally recognised roundels in a fun and creative way. Activities like this help us invest in the transport network for the benefit of all of our customers.

Playstation 5 launches in the UK on Friday 19th November and launch-day sales will be online only this year due to COVID.