What has the dating scene looked like this year? Thanks to the #DatingWrapped hashtag on TikTok, which has received over 24 million views and counting, it has led to countless hilarious stories shared on a series of laptop slides by creators.

We often see Spotify Wrapped on our social media feeds at the end of the year, but as the name implies, similar to “Spotify Wrapped”, this trend is just about your romantic relationships and experiences. The viral trend began with a woman’s wild Powerpoint presentation about her love exploits. To give a yearly summary of their best and worst dating experiences this year, TikTok creators are delving into numbers, statistics, dates, and personal trends that detail everything from one-night stand frequency to the correlations of promising relationships that fizzled out.


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With more than 300 million users of dating apps globally, it doesn’t seem like social media will ever completely separate from our love and sexual lives. We hold out hope that things will improve with dating fads like ‘bae-realing’ (a reference to BeReal) to combat the weariness and inauthenticity online through dating profiles.


It appears that many of us are noticing the same themes among the dozens of Dating Wrapped TikToks: many have experienced dating fatigue, ghosting, and turning first dates into second ones. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that our journeys will lead to insightful self-reflection as this year comes to a close.