Update: The STEM team has formally unveiled the lookbook for its ground-breaking STEM PROJECTOR, which aims to combine the cinematic, computer, and multiplayer gaming experiences into one and offer a tangible portal to premium content from leading artists. Photographer Hendrik Schneider used visual artists Sophia Alvarez and PRIX creator Esther Ng in the lookbook. The STEM PLAYER, the company’s first product, and what appear to be STEM headphones are shown next to the projector.

The parent business of Ghostface Killah, Kano Computing, has now unveiled the STEM PROJECTOR, another pocket-sized piece of technology, after the announcement that Ghostface Killah will release his album exclusively on STEM Player.

The STEM PROJECTOR, which goes by the slogan “summon a cinema, anywhere,” adds many of the benefits to watching videos that the STEM Player did for listening, packing an astounding amount of functions into a carry-on Mentos-shaped casing. At the push of a button, the futuristic projector turns on and starts playing movies, STEM music, or wall-saver artwork from the palm of your hand. The STEM device’s glowing sensory touch controls give users the power to create by allowing them to rotoscope characters, modify the curvature of the screen, transfer colour palettes between movies, change speed, and construct constellations of related movie scenes.

The device has a pre-loaded selection of movies and is AirPlay and Chromecast compatible. Users may also upload their own movies or access live channels. The projector comes with powerful stereo speakers, and users may also connect to other audio systems and gadgets via Bluetooth, Mini HDMI, WiFi, or the audio jack. A built-in kickstand and the protective case help with vertical projection for various theatre experiences. Users can expand the 256GB of base storage by inserting a microSD card.

870 of the 1000 limited-edition STEM PROJECTORS, each priced at $1,000 USD, are now available for pre-order online and will ship in the spring of 2023. Later on, the normal models will cost $600.