Big Nastie the notable Grime Artist, who in recent years has turned into a tv phenomenon with his various TV appearances as a guest, he also hosted his own show on BBC3 called ‘Lets settle this’ where he spoke about all this urban culture and growing up Black and British. He then acquired more brand awareness with his appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain‘, where he gives a slang filled metaphorical depiction of the British weather causes mass reactions on social accumulating over 1,000,000 views across all social media channels.

Its clear that the last 18 months have really been about the brand ‘Big Nastie’ exploding in his stride. His latest collaboration a six-part series with Social media Mo Mulligans, dubbed ‘The Big Nastie Show’. With appearances from actors like David Schwimmer the show has a lot of potential to become a staple show on the television network.

TheBlup team are looking forward to seeing what Big Nasties’ next power move is.