In partnership with Zellerfeld, the Danish fashion house RAINS launched its first 3D-printed sneaker on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

The silhouette, known as the “Puffer Boot,” like a remnant from the distant past. Its conceptual-yet-functional design features an organic shape with an intentional, sculptural appearance that resembles a stone sculpture. A provider of innovation, RAINS positioned a freshly created, 90% air-filled printed puffer element on the instep.

Notably, the puffer component represents a significant advancement for Zellerfeld. In the past, sewing foam components into 3D-printed fabrics would be an extremely laborious procedure. The leading 3D printing company has now altered the rules by demonstrating that the comfort-first feature can be created without the use of any physical work. Even better, the model still benefits from mono-material 3D printing and eco-friendly features.

Although Zellerfeld says that the silhouette will “inspire other printed shoe designs to follow the bigger route in the future,” RAINS has not yet announced a release date or other launch details for the Puffer Boot. Check out the creative layout in the gallery above.