Burberry’s Landscapes is a sustainable collection of imposing natural artworks created in collaboration with Burberry’s creative community, maintaining the brand’s relationship to the planet. the label’s founder Thomas Burberry’s daughter-in-law Elsie Burberry and trailblazing aviator Betty Kirby-Green, who oversaw trips from Britain to the Canary Islands and South Africa, respectively, are featured in the most recent incarnation of the series. Burberry Landscapes has arrived in both places.

The recognisable Burberry Check is painted like a blanket on the volcanic terrain of El Hierro in the Canary Islands. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, a contemporary Cuban-American artist, used natural milk-based paint to create the eco-friendly picture, which may be gently washed away with hand turning, wind, and nearby water sources.

The fact that this paint method is made from minerals is one of the things Rodriguez-Gerada likes about it. “So it’s like alchemy as you mix your colours. Because each type will have a specific density and coverage, and another type will have a different one, it is difficult to determine how much is appropriate at any given time. Everything happens in front of you so you can take pleasure in the present.

The Burberry Check meadow made an appearance in South Africa’s Western Cape, not far from the precise spot where Kirby-Green and flying officer Arthur Clouston touched down the Burberry plane in 1973. The meadow was carefully nurtured with water from a rainfall catchment dam after being hand-planted by neighbourhood green teams. Later, the plants were flipped over so that they might organically decompose into the soil.