Music continues to inspire further web3 opportunities as Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray, and The Avila Brothers collaborate with ‘Animal Concerts’ to produce a fan-focused NFT event – one which marries hip hop and country music in the metaverse.

As a pioneer in the field, Snoop has taken part in a number of other Web3-driven promotions, but following their hit song of 2022, ‘A Hard Working Man’, Billy Ray and Snoop Dog’s collaboration has also developed into yet another web3 initiative. Snoop Dogg believes in the massive potential for NFT’s in music, and explains how “sooner or later the labels are going to have to come on in.” 

Animal Concerts are surely taking advantage of opportunities within the metaverse through hosting live shows and improving engagement between artists and their fans. In terms of the project, these fans can also use the gamified site to collect points through various missions and compete against other users on a public leaderboard once added to the “A Hard Working Man” allowlist through Animal Concert’s Discord channel.

More than 100 free NFTs will be distributed to the top scorers as the NFT drop draws near. Selected holders will also get a variety of surprises, including live concert tickets, backstage passes, airline gift cards, physical goods, giveaways, and Animal Concerts performances in the metaverse. You can view more on the web3 project as it develops here.

Photos Courtesy of Animal Concerts