Following the New Year’s celebrations in 2022, the Lunar New Year festivities will begin next month on February 1. Apple is releasing a special-edition Year of the Tiger Airpods Pro, similar to the previous year of the Ox offering.

The MagSafe charging case features a special tiger emoji wearing a tiger hood against a backdrop of fireworks. Aside from the case, the special-edition product is identical to the standard model, with the exception of the same emoji engraved in bright red on the sides of the packaging box. Buyers will also receive a set of limited-edition red packets embossed with the tiger emoji inside the Apple logo and the text “2022.”

The Special Edition AirPods Pro – Tiger are now available in select Asian markets, including Hong Kong, both in-store and online. Currently priced the same as the regular AirPods Pro at HK $1,999 ($249 USD). Those who are not currently in Asia can engrave the standard tiger emoji on their case to achieve a similar effect without the special hood and fireworks.