Gucci has a well-known gaming audience, which it now acknowledges with a new iridescent line – The Good Game Collection.

Gucci has been bringing its century-old tradition to the gaming industry with the Good Game project since 2019, fusing high-fashion with brand-new online opportunities. The Gucci Good Game capsule features striking designs with head-to-toe styles alongside hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, short shorts, footwear, and bags – all in vibrant rainbow colours.

The standout piece is the Gucci Good Game sweatshirt, a spin on the generally casual attire of gamers with its enormous, baggy style. It is designed to stand out and is made of a multicoloured felt that gives the outfit a dazzling appearance. Its design incorporates an all-over GG monogram print to contrast the vibrant hues.

For the Good Game version of iconic Gucci Basket sneaker, Gucci has splashed green, orange, and blue hues on the numerous panels in addition to silver lamé. Details that glow in the dark are also present in the black and white version.

The mid-sized tote bag, with its striking holographic-like body, perfectly captures the spirit of the line. The bag has silver lamé trimmings that not only frame it but also increase its longevity. The tote bag also has long, green, detachable shoulder straps that may be attached for various wearing possibilities. Gucci also increases the variety of luggage possibilities with another backpack – Gucci Good Game backpack. Both items are made of textured leather, with the backpack including a liner with three pockets and a padded mesh back panel.

Visit Gucci’s website to view the Good Game capsule pieces.