Spotify Premium is known for being an ad-free platform where users are able to listen to music with no ads. This feature is what encourages and drives subscribers to continue paying their monthly memberships.

However, by partnering with Dubai-based agency, Memac Ogilvy, KFC Arabia were able to discover a way to sidestep this feature by resourcefully taking over the profiles of three major artists from the region.

With the artists onboard, each profile covered images of the limited-edition double chicken Kentucky Burger. These promotional teasers and images occupied the artists’ profile and cover photos, bios and events. Playlists were also sneakily adjusted using song titles to spell out: “Discover, New, Kentucky, Burger, Come & Visit, KFC. Get It, Before It’s Too Late.”

The campaign was vaunted as “the first campaign ever on Spotify Premium” giving “the Kentucky burger the campaign that it truly deserved.”