Easol is an ‘experience e-commerce’ platform created especially for the sale of experiences like concerts, festivals and sporting events. It’s a one-stop shop where organisers can handle all aspects of their business whilst giving creators full 360 ownership – no commissions.

Ben and Lisa Simpson founded the platform after having experience organising the Rise snowsports and music festival. They discovered that there were not enough tools available to manage the website, reservations, and payments. As a result, they founded Easol in 2018, equipped with tools to cater solely to the experience economy – hence their message “sell moments, not things”

How does it work?

Easol uses a subscription business model for complete cost transparency and predictability for creators to gain complete financial control and transparency. Based on their unique requirements, Easol aims to give creators great flexibility and choices too. However this switch to a subscription based model from transaction was only made last year. The focus was to help the community of experience makers keep their consumers by introducing new services to help manage postponements, offering flexible payment alternatives, editing bookings without affecting the client experience, and communicating effectively and transparently with them.

From building Easol, they shared how people’s plans are constantly changing, and in the current uncertainty, people are drawn to providers who offer low-commitment options such as deposit schemes and refunds. Now in more than 130 nations, Easol now collaborates with both major multinationals and independent creators. The Wanderlust, Otherlands, Global Cycle Network, Unplugged, Resurface, and Envision Festivals are just a few examples of clients as well as many wellness retreats, adventure tours, sports, gastronomy, and other activities available.

“Easol’s market-leading platform and industry expertise allows clients to imagine and market unique experiences for consumers,” said Evan Feinberg of Tiger Global.

Find out more about this interesting venture or book at demo here at easol.com