Gravity Sketch is a London-based company to enable teams to work together to develop their creative designs in real time. 3D leveraging tools such as VR headsets allow designers to delve into and better visualise products and concepts as they are developed. They have now bagged $33 million in funding to disrupt the world of 3D design.

Ford Collaboration with Gravity Sketch Introduces Co-Creation Feature,  Allowing Designers Across Globe to Work in Same Virtual Reality Space |  Ford Media Center
Ford was the first automobile brand to work with Gravity Sketch.

The startup, which was founded in 2014 by Oluwaseyi Sosanya (CEO) and Daniela Paredes primarily offers 3D design software. This is currently appreciated and utilised by popular brands such as Ford, HP and Logitech. As more brands take beginning steps into the metaverse, it seems like a great time for Gravity Sketch to optimise the software for design teams globally. Harry Nelis, partner at Accel, supports this and believes “3D design will only grow in importance as brands race to build the emerging metaverse.”

Disrupting 3D design process, Gravity Sketch swipes off $33 million

Product development runs core to the Gravity Sketch platform as designers, engineers and other stakeholders are able to discuss each stage and give advice and feedback in a collaborative way – but also through virtual reality. Gravity Sketch itself, as a company, has so far grown into a humble team of 40 across the UK, US and Germany.

The platform boasts over one million downloads with a thriving community of 100,000+ monthly users, which has contributed to a 4x revenue growth in the last 12 months.

Olwaseyi Sosanya has high ambitions for Gravity Sketch’s future and highlights: “our aim is to empower teams to create and communicate their 3D ideas in the quickest and most intuitive ways possible — whether they’re designers or otherwise.”

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