Moooi, furniture-turned-lifestyle brand, are standing out among the rest for this years’ Milan Design Week through their exhibition titled “A Life Extraordinary.” Expect the digital and physical to collide with collaborations, furnishings and interiors as exciting partnerships evolve with IDEO’ robotics including LG – this experience is sure to invite design fans from all over the world.

“A Life Extraordinary 2022 focuses on product design, interiors, and technology, with a common denominator of togetherness. The distinctions between online and offline are becoming increasingly blurred “, says Marcel Wanders, Moooi’s Founder and Creative Director.

Firstly, visitors approach a brilliant ‘O’ gleaming in a courtyard before entering Moooi’s A Life Extraordinary exhibition, which opens up to reveal the whole immersive setting. It uses augmented reality to transfer every visitor to the world of Moooi as long as they have an internet connection.

Also upon entry, robotic-driven creative scent machines are dotted around the area. Piro are dancing diffusers created by IDEO that provide additional sensory dimension through smell, movement, and interaction. Catie Cuan, a dancer, choreographer, and roboticist, has meticulously planned the sequences to heighten the engaging, unique setting.

Following that is an area designed by LG OLED, which embodies an eclectic mix of the best in design, lifestyle, and technology. It’s the start of a new chapter for the South Korean technology company, which is on a mission to enhance the world of interior design with its smart goods.

Step into the immersive exhibition through the digital portal or onsite in Salone dei Tessuti here until 11 June 2022.