The ‘Vision and Virtuosity’ immersive experience takes place in the Saatchi Gallery from June 10th – August 19th, celebrating 150 years in London. We had to take a trip down to see Tiffany and Co.’s rich history, so here’s a highlight reel below:

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time, featuring everything from the recently obtained Empire Diamond to the original script from two-time Oscar winning movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s, to an immersive, visually stimulating section completely in the shade of Tiffany blue.

The exhibition is separated into seven segments vital to Tiffany’s heritage, identity and cultural impact. One of the most notable sections allows visitors to discover the foundations of the infamous film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ specifically featuring the iconic little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, the two Oscar accolades the film itself won, the infamous Typescript, and much more. The “Tiffany Love” area is another section projected completely blue, covered in vines and flower-like decorations. It features the company’s iconic diamond engagement rings, and an interactive area to digitally handwrite personal messages that feature and float around the walls of the room.

Located in another room, you are given the privilege of being able to try on diamond engagement rings worth around the price rank of £43,800 whilst also being informed by a craftsman on how they are made. With a whole cluster of rooms to visit, each individually themed, visitors are taken on a unique experience of sparkle, bling and high jewellery design discovery.

Written by Marnie Cohen and Nick Holdsworth