Canadian singer, Justin Bieber has collaborated with classic Italian manufacturer Vespa for a limited edition Sprint scooter, putting his own unique spin on the all-white design.

This collaboration celebrates pop culture in a truly unique way by bringing this design to life. While Vespa’s iconic brand still speaks to Italian style and elegance, it has combined with Justin Bieber’s inspiration and taste for this two-wheeler. The brand reached its scooter’s 75th anniversary last year and this is surely a way to make another mark through JB’s influence.

Justin Bieber X Vespa: For Sale

Available with 50, 125 and 150cc engines, Vespa scooter’s white colour touches the wheels, seat and grips too. The design notably consists of a a flame motif above the rear wheel with this flame design intended to be the key feature to set the vehicle apart.

Bieber speaks on the creative process behind the scenes, stating that “being able to express himself “through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, being able to create something from nothing” is part of his nature.

It is likely that an ‘accessories collection’ will follow, featuring a white bag, white gloves and a flame-covered white helmet to accompany the vehicle.

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All photos courtesy of Vespa

Whilst there is no price for the Justin Bieber X Vespa scooter, April 18 is the date to reserve one on the Vespa website if interested in purchasing.