ASAP Rocky has modified a classic Mercedes model for the upcoming video game “Need For Speed Unbound,” which will go on sale officially at the end of November.

Upon first glance, we see phrases “Always$ $trive and Pro$per” and “If Not Now Then When” inscribed on each side. The front features a gold grille, headlamps with X-shaped tape, and underlights that give off a futuristic-looking green glow. Rocky’s creative agency, AWGE, was in charge of the project’s branding for “Need for Speed Unbound.” The AWGE branding is all over the mid-split painted DTM-inspired 190E saloon. TESTING warning motifs on the antennae, and deep-dish BBS rear wheels are further highlights.

Ryan Stewart (member of SpeedHunters collective) recently shared how the rapper’s vehicle was customised: ‘We’ve kept super quiet about this project, but now we can show you the result. It’s a fully functional, driving, larger-than-life character. Every panel is altered, all four arches are tubbed and there’s some wonderful, old-school craftsmanship in it. Some great friendships have been forged along the way too, which is what car life is all about.’

For the most recent information about this partnership, go to the websites of the gaming platforms and Speedhunters to take a closer look at the in-game version of the car here.

Photo Credits: Mark Riccioni @mark_scenemedia