The 20th anniversary collection is an ode to chess.

Barcelona’s (and most of Europe’s) favourite sunglasses brand is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a collection that’s putting most other sunny choices in the shade.

Etnia Barcelona is famed for its forward-thinking yet timeless frames that would look as suitable on the faces of yonder shade donning heroes, Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls, or Elton John as they would a Tyler the Creator, or Timothée Chalamet. Celebrating this timelessness, the brand’s latest campaign takes some pretty big hitters from the past including Alfred Hitchcock imagining these icons of yesteryear as the faces of Etnia Barcelona. Appealing to the world’s challengers, punks, underdogs, and dream chasers is something it prides itself on, so to imagine the lenses on such famous craniums is no stretch.

Not adverse to being on top of the current zeitgeist, Etnia Barcelona’s 20th Anniversary collection takes on a Chess theme using an acetate recovered from past brand designs first created in 2006.  Each model is actually named after famous Chess loving figures of the past including Frida Kahlo, J.F. Kennedy, Stanley Kubric, and Albert Einstein, while the collection boasts materials such as natural acetate (made from cotton and wood) and the brands own technology, HD coloured mineral lenses.

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