The Puma and Adidas feud isn’t new news, however it hasn’t been publicly or commonly discussed before. It only seems right then that sport and fashion star, David Beckham, produce and present the story. Beckham recently announced that he’ll be the face of the mini-doc series of 3 episodes all about the 40 year-long sportswear feud.

Titled World War Shoes, the series follows the famous fallout between brothers Adi and Rudolf “Rudi” Dassler. The historical fallout saw the creation of Puma by Rudi in 1948 and Adidas by Adi in 1949, in their hometowns of Herzogenaurach, Germany. It’s rumoured that the documentary will give us insight in to how the brothers became the greatest rivals, discussing not only the legal side of the issue but also the huge influence the brands have had on the sport, fashion and music worlds.

Whilst a release date is yet to be decided, Beckham’s long-time agent, David Gardner, production company, Studio 99, will be bringing the tale to life. Studio 99’s Director, Nicola Hawson, commented, “This is a dramatic and compelling tale. It’s not often you find an untold story which will resonate with so many people globally and we are delighted to be partnering with Boat Rocker and Matador to bring it to life.”

[Image Source: Shutterstock]