On Saturday (Oct. 22), there were hectic scenes in Shepherd’s Bush Green as hundreds of young people rushed to the town centre amongst local shoppers. The cause of the commotion was ignited by streetwear brand Corteiz, who offered to sell its line of cargo pants – for just 99p.

The viral community-led activations for the Corteiz brand may already be well known to you. Through the use of creative marketing techniques, Corteiz has developed a following and a community around its drops; this is undoubtedly just another one.

The London-based brand, established by Clint, has paved the way for carving out a niche for itself in the fashion market with an attitude focused on authenticity. CRTZ is following through on its RTW (Rules The World) promise, as reflected in their mysterious tweet announcing the drop on Friday. It was followed on Saturday morning by another tweet with ‘COORDINATES DROPPING @ 13:45’, accompanied by a video of Shepherd’s Bush Market.

As it became evident that the over 2000 attendees were left to battle for tickets to purchase a few number of the cargo pants so many were disappointed as a great majority left with their 50p, 20p, 10p and 1ps coins still in their pockets. We see Corteiz cargos normally sell for hundreds of pounds second handed…


Were you lucky enough to cop a pair? You may take a closer look at the most recent Corteiz teaser, and be sure to follow the brand on social media to learn when new content will go up on the Corteiz website.