The North Face is promoting innovation this winter by releasing the Air Chamber Nuptse Vest, a brand-new experimental product. As we enter puffer jack season, wearers will have the luxury of adjusting the puffiness of their iconic jackets for the first time ever.

The North Face puffer coats have elevated to the pinnacle of style and have become a staple, recognisable style on the streets. So, this puffer jacket may appear to be just another one hitting the market, but it is much more. But it comes with fully-adjustable puffer vest that has a useful free hand-pump so you can change the puff! A quick pump will make things cosier, while a slight deflation will let the vest to easily go into a bag when you’re out and about.

The vest has no padding, therefore it relies solely on air for insulation, which may be raised or decreased according on the environment. The absence of conventional padding like down or synthetic fibres reduces the weight and environmental impact of the vest whilst the black exterior fabrics are outfitted with GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM, a material with excellent weather-resistant and thermal insulation properties.

Unfortunately, The North Face Lab, Japan is the only place where you can now get the Air Chamber Nuptse Vest. The vests are only available in M and L sizes, and they cost about $424 USD.