Craig Green is expanding his ever-expanding range while simultaneously emanating individuality and edge with Adidas. Trying something new, he has revealed his latest experimental sneaker, the CG SCUBA STAN – The Stan Smith unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This design that merges adidas’ archival aesthetics with the evolving features of the CG SCUBA PHORMAR. The new sneaker also blends a Scuba outsole with the legendary Stan Smith leather top from adidas Originals and is constructed using the traditional Strobel method.

The shoe comes in beige, black, as well as the traditional white and green colours. Each sneaker features a complex interplay of materials and forms with strategically placed panelled details. Adidas and Craig Green collaborated with Dan Tobin Smith for a visceral campaign to highlight the new shoe, bringing the futuristic silhouette to life. The campaign draws inspiration from the adidas Originals Trefoil emblem to highlight the shoe’s sculptural design, fusing the brand’s past and present.

The new CG SCUBA STAN by Craig Green, which you can see in more detail above, will go on sale on October 31 on the official adidas website and at select retailers.