Luxury fashion house Coach has unveiled the new collaborative collection.

Using the brand’s heritage as a base, the limited edition collection and its accompanying campaign both aim to highlight inclusivity in art, spotlighting the friendship among the two collaborators.

Entitled ‘Blue the Great: The Art of Collaboration’, the collection intertwines Blue’s contemporary take on art and Jordan’s style aesthetic. This unisex line will headline ready-to-wear pieces, such as bags, accessories, and footwear, taking into consideration the sportswear and streetwear inspired looks from this label’s luxury craftsmanship in Rexy and Coach’s trademark designs are rethought in this edition, hiring Blue’s emblem mummy-wrapped craft into their revive. In addition, what is also included is a tote consisting of 100 percent recycled materials.

“We had worked with Blue as part of our spring 2021 campaign, so I was excited to partner with him and Michael on this special collection,” said Stuart Vevers, Coach’s creative director, in a release. “Mike and Blue have a great friendship, grounded in mutual respect for each other’s artistic approach. The combination brought originality, dimension and significance to this collection.” The campaign imagery also includes portraits of Blue, Jordan and friends, it is shown in an art gallery to represent adapting, for example a venue as an authentic and collaborative space. This signifies the replacement of its traditionally exclusive nature.

Coach’s additional mission was to refer to its growing pledge to publicise voices in campaign storytelling and underrepresented artists.