As Spike takes the role of Jury President for the 73rd Annual Cannes Film Festival

Designed by the legend Tinker Hatfield, it is dressed in French colours, it is rumoured that there are only 5 pairs in existence.

Along the exterior, the quality comes through in multiple materials. Robust, polished leathers dress the mid-panel, heel, and toe in white, while the forefoot and eye stays proffer velvety suedes in blue and red, respectively. The tongue, then, clashes in what looks to be black canvas, setting up a widescreen backdrop on which two portraits can shine. The first depicts Lee himself against the French flag, text etched above and below spelling “FESTIVAL DE CANNES” and “JURY PRESIDENT.” Opposite, the director is portrayed as the esteemed Mars Blackmon, signaled by his shirt on which “PRESIDENT MARS” is written in large letters. His fitted, then, continues to honour the aforementioned festival with an equally emboldened “CANNES” type.

Take a detailed look at the pair courtesy of English Sole. A release is extremely unlikely, so this may be your only way to enjoy the exclusive.