HoMie (aka Homelessness of Melbourne incorporated enterprise) is an Australian streetwear initiative, that has collaborated with 2 brands, Champion and Smiley, to release a one-of-a-kind clothing collection called Start With A Smile, with all profits going towards providing clothing, training, and work opportunities for young people.

This collection intends to launch a “kindness revolution” by promoting dialogue, building relationships, and, of course, putting a smile on people’s faces, all while referencing Smiley’s long-running tagline, “Take the Time to Smile.”

HoMie’s profits are used entirely to offer clothing, training, and work possibilities for the young people who participate in its programmes. You will be directly supporting the shared visions by purchasing this limited-edition Champion x HoMie x Smiley collab.

The Smiley, on the other hand, has been a part of numerous countercultural movements for over 50 years, having first appeared in 1971. From Thatcher’s hedonistic acid house scene to the current struggle for climate justice, the famous sign — a grinning, yellow face – has shown up everywhere, sending a message of defiant joy. It’s about to become the face of change once more, as part of a collaboration with Champion.

“This new iteration of our ongoing collaboration with Champion excites us tremendously,” HoMie CEO and Co-Founder Nick Pearce says how this new iteration of this ongoing collaboration with Champion is very exciting and that being represented alongside two great worldwide companies boosts HoMie’s profile to “a whole new level”.

The Champion x HoMie x Smiley collaboration is available at Champion shops and online, as well as on HoMie’s website.

Photos Courtesy – Champion x HoMie x Smiley