Bamford Watch Department, a luxury timepiece manufacturer, has collaborated with an unlikely partner: TikTok, a video streaming app. Working on a new watch, the TAG Heuer Carrera, the two giants are set to make history with a funky new design evoking the best of the internet.

The limited-edition TAG Heuer Carrera features the app’s signature pink, aqua, black, and white TikTok colourways throughout its design, which was inspired by the app’s vibrant impact on modern pop culture. Look for the pink stitching on the black Cordura strap, as well as the white minute and pink second hands on the watch face – a splash of colour that will pique the interest of onlookers.

But what can watch buffs get excited about? The TAG Heuer Carrera is built for the active everyday, with both sporty and military references, and is comprised of a matte black 42mm automatic chronograph housing a Calibre Heuer 02 movement and a massively durable strap.

The strap is made of cordura, a material that is commonly used in both civil and military clothing and accessories due to its resistance to tearing and abrasion. The internal rotating bezel also pays homage to this theme, with the first 15 minutes coloured pink to echo the watches used in diving, pilot, and military applications where synchronisation is critical.

Bamford Watch Department has a history of designing watches in collaboration with interesting people, ranging from artists to fashion houses – but this is the first time the brand has collaborated with an entire social media platform.