High-end global sneaker marketplace ‘The Edit Ldn’ is launching its first premium store within Bloktopia’s crypto paradise metaverse. After developing ties with sneakerheads all around the world, the company plans to broaden its offerings to include web3 collectors.

The Edit Ldn, which has expanded 525% each year since 2020, is now trying to offer smart wearables to its sneaker community. Bloktopia, a 21-story VR tower, will house the shop. Its ‘Edit LDN’ sneaker NFT will be available there, allowing buyers to style their avatar in the metaverse while receiving footwear in-hand.

The fashion sector and the metaverse have been opening up an entirely new revenue streams for brands such as Edit LDN. According to Moses Rashid, creator of The Edit Ldn, “we clearly see a trend that luxury businesses need a Web3 strategy, and for us, this feels like a perfect fit.” We’re discovering that our audience is becoming more digitally savvy, is interested in Crypto and NFTs, and has a growing desire to obtain items in novel ways.

Bloktopia CEO Ross Tavakoli commented, “As a major sneakerhead myself, we’re incredibly happy to be able to collaborate with the UK’s number one sneaker destination.” He goes on to explain how allowing the purchase of digital wearables, in this case sneakers, via an NFT function means they will not be limited to our metaverse but can be worn across hundreds of games and other metaverses.

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All Photos Courtesy of Edit Ldn.