The public auction for RTFKT Studios and Takashi Murakami’s Clone X NFT avatar project has begun.

RTFKT concentrated in generating different digital things referencing fashion, footwear, and gaming prior to this historic release, exposing NFT ideas such as Ironman-inspired AF1’s and “METAPIGEON” sneakers in partnership with Jeff Staples. The Clone X collection is RTFKT’s first avatar NFT project, and with Murakami’s aesthetic direction, it is poised to become one of the market’s most sought-after series.

Rtfkt Studios

The 20,000 avatars in the project have a unique random mix of qualities developed by Murakami, and the assets purchased will be able to be utilised in future NFT-based games, AR filters, Zoom meetings, and metaverse platforms. RTFKT also promises more Clone X wearables, IRL item drops, and member-only events in the future.

Murakami’s initial NFT piece was a series of 108 digital flowers inspired by Nintendo, which he discovered by coincidence before discovering RTFKT’s work. “I’ve been fascinated by NFTs and their potential, and I happened to stumble across the RTFKT team’s work on Instagram.” We began speaking and fell in love with each other’s work. Takashi Murakami said in a statement, “I am really delighted to cooperate and develop with such an amazing team.”

The Dutch Auction for the Clone X collection will be begun and halted on a regular basis so that newcomers can acquire the NFTs. Prices begin at 3 ETH and will gradually decrease until the collection is sold out. The next round of purchase will commence at 1 p.m. EDT on November 30. More information may be found on the dedicated Clone X webpage.

Rtfkt Studios