The NFT Yearbook (NFTYB) project aims to record and preserve the rich history of the web3 sphere, recording hours of conversations with some of the most fascinating CEOs, artists, creators, and thought leaders in the field.

The book, which will be available in print and digital versions, features writing from some of the most creative and engaging minds in the field, from the creators of the DeFi protocol to some of the most well-known designers and artists. The project also features and art from hundreds of web3 artists, collectors, thought leaders, makers, platforms, and collections.

Each book is fully interactive on secondary NFT sites like OpenSea and others, allowing visitors to turn pages, change the 3D asset’s size, and more. Each site also has a live interactive demo of how each book works. The 9669 total tokens that make up NFTYB have a range of distinctive features that give owners access to particular benefits.

The book has hundreds of blank pages, including full-page blanks, half-page blanks, yearbook quote blanks, and paragraph blanks. Holders of a blank space token will be able to send NFTYB their messages, artwork, or other content for three weeks following the mint, and this content will be printed in both the digital and physical yearbooks. A chapter honouring digital artists from the 1960s who have since passed away is also included, along with instructive chapters teaching web3. 

You can join the whitelist and view at