If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you should know that Nike and Clint419’s Corteiz brand are collaborating on the Air Max 95, which is likely their largest project to date. Here is the latest.

This comes just after the brand projection of ‘Clint419’ onto the Nike London store earlier last month – a brilliant marketing tactic.

After a recent post on Instagram to preview the upcoming sneakers, it seems that Corteiz has chosen to use a militaristic theme. The caption of the picture, which was posted with a photo of Clint’s Air Max from 2013, says, “DIS AIN’T NO COINCIDENCE. AFTER TEN YEARS. RULESTHEWORLD.”

Multiple colours of green are used for the side overlays, which are finished off with higher layers that resemble army netting. Corteiz’s characteristic Alcatraz logo is incorporated into the tongues in place of the tiny lateral side Swooshes, which have been replaced with the wording. And to further emphasise its military theme, the insoles have a camouflage pattern all over them.

As of right now, there is no debut date for this high-profile cooperation is known, however, most likely it will be announced in March 2023 after Clint419’s speculative tweet. Keep an eye out for updates!