The MAD Awards 2023 provides a terrific opportunity for planners, brands, and designers to raise their profile and push their unique, unorthodox work. We take a look at 3 metaverse architectural firms you should know about as the emergence of the metaverse continues to infuse every industry, particularly architecture.

  1. Architects + Engineers Dewan – A multidisciplinary design firm specialising in engineering and architectural designs for the commercial sector.
  2. Zaha Hadid Architects – ZHA – London-based firm, designing a virtual self-governed city in the metaverse
  3. Noor Architects – Noor Architects opens up options for experimentation, study, and maybe solutions that can reflect back to the physical world in the future with a virtual architecture studio and “post-architectural” studies.
Dewan Architects

Overall, the MAD Awards will shine a light on the people who are at the forefront of design in all its manifestations, from the Innovation Awards categories, including Workplace Extension, to the Built and Unbuilt categories, which highlight a variety of projects and products. There will also be unique awards for the most outstanding practitioners, such as Designer of the Future, as well as a division for young creatives dubbed ‘Student of the Year’.

Dewan Architects

A heterogeneous jury of new media professionals, designers, Web3 and industry specialists will judge the projects. They include:

  • Yves Béhar (founder of fuseproject)
  • Hagy Belzberg, (founding partner of BA Collective)
  • Stanley Felderman, (partner of Felderman Keatinge & Associates)
  • Amanda Ferber (founder and CEO of The Architecture Hunter)
  • Lorne Sugarman (CEO of Metaverse Group)
  • Jinha Lee (cofounder and chief product officer of
  • Avinash Rajagopal, (editor-in-chief of Metropolis)
  • Evan Orensten (cofounder and executive editor of Cool Hunting)
  • Molly Murphy, (managing director and principal of Gensler New York), 
  • Tessa Bain, (cofounder of digby).
Zaha Hadid Architects

The finalists will be notified in February, with the awards ceremony taking place in March 2023 in the metaverse, a community platform that is supporting the event. You can enter here.