All tech giants (unsurprisingly) compete to stay ahead of the game with the most up to date and forward-thinking technology, and rumour has it Sony will be releasing their second virtual reality headset by Christmas 2022, just in time to add it to your list for Santa.

The headset will use OLED panels, rather than LCD displays that are more common for VR headsets. LCD displays are popular for headsets due to their low cost, high resolution and good picture quality rates. However, OLED displays have better contrast and faster response times, although they can suffer from smearing when VR games are dark, and this caused a hindrance with the first PlayStation VR headset.

This second version is rumoured to have 4K screens, foveated rendering and haptic feedback (see the cover image for what a fan thinks it will look like) – all of which comes with a price. The relatively low cost of the first PSVR set is one of its main appeals, but the inclusion of these new features and the OLED screens sounds expensive, suggesting Sony’s second release is going to be one expensive Christmas present.

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