Hoping to shine a spotlight on stories in the community and inspire people to continue to celebrate authentic self-expression.

To celebrate Pride MonthVans is showing its ongoing commitment to advocating for the community by spotlighting four LGBTQIA+ creators. Vans has partnered with each creator to provide them with a global platform to showcase their art and what it means to their identity.

Vans shines a light on multifaceted artist, Tyris Winter who blurs the line between dance, fashion and poetry. Winter finds that his art is a safe haven that allows him portray himself without judgment. Through fashion, Winter is able to explore different creative avenues of self-expression. Singer/songwriter Serena Isioma is a first-generation Nigerian-American artist based out of Chicago. Her artistry combines her favorite genres including, indie, hip-hop, R&B and alternative to create her genre-bending sound.

Painter, designer and printmaker Mich Miller is based in Los Angeles and focuses their work on murals and installations that reference cultural metaphors, symbols and saturated colors to bring the message to life. Mich’s practice is greatly informed by their interest in abstraction and queer history and theory. Finally, Sam McGuire is a photographer, skateboarder and creative director who has perfected his craft over the past decade shooting for skateboard magazines worldwide. Since coming out in 2014, he worked as a queer advocate for the skateboard community to promote inclusivity throughout skate culture.

Check out the video above to learn more about Vans’ spotlights.