Available for pre-order.

Arcade 1UP’s  has released the most exciting and coolest old school arcade machine, The Simpsons. It will definitely transport fans back to the early 90’s.

The release date of The Simpsons arcade machine will be on the 30th anniversary of the game’s first entry into the market, plus it will transport one of television’s most iconic families right to fans at home.

This new retro gaming entertainment, allows players to step into the gaming characters of Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. There are two games in one in this home arcade machine, this includes the oddity The Simpsons Arcade Games plus a bonus game set will be declared later this summer.

The features of this game will allow up to four players to play as the Simpsons at the same time. In addition, it characterises the old-school, coolest and retro digital work that stays honest to the original arcade machine. You can now officially pre-order The Simpsons arcade machine on Arcade1Up and only through retail partners.