A few years ago Black Friday deals weren’t that common, however, as the years go on the deals start earlier and earlier. Many brands have already began their sales, but the official day is Friday 27th November and is followed by Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday began in 2005 when an American trade association picked up on a spike on digital sales the Monday after Thanksgiving.

It won’t be a surprise that Amazon will be the leading brand with the best deals on anything from gadgets to skincare to home appliances. They’re the leading brand so much that they now even do Prime Day which occurs in October. Adobe have slashed programme prices too for all you tech heads out there (see image below), whilst the likes of Argos and John Lewis will have a range of deals.

However, with Black Friday and Lockdown 2.0, could this be the death of the high street? This year has proved that we all love to indulge in online shopping, and this reinforced with having to stay at home, those in England won’t have the option to hit the shops on Friday.

What a perfect time to buy your Christmas presents for all the family- as long as you don’t end up only treating yourself with the deals!