The Art Basel festival will host more than sixty exhibitions and events as part of Miami Art Week. As many new artists make their debut, digital art and web3 brands are also anticipated to be showcased from today until the rest of the week.

This year’s Art Week Miami will have 283 galleries, making it the largest edition to date. 26 exhibitors will be taking part for the first time too. Visitors will be able to experience the hybrid worlds of the digital and physical landscapes, learn whilst watching a live NFT mint, interact with generative artists and hear from influential thinkers and builders in the field. The energy-efficient blockchain smart contract platform Tezos will make its second appearance at Miami Beach with the interactive “Performance in Code” show, featuring many new artists.

From December 1 through December 3, 2022, the public can view Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art at the Miami Convention Center. This exhibition is powered by the energy-efficient blockchain Tezos and created in partnership with generative art platform fxhash for Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Tezos network has received praise for its sustainability and low carbon footprint. Through an energy-efficient block chain, developers, artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, and others may create and connect with decentralised applications.

On the final day, December 3rd – there will be a discussion around NFTs, DAOs, and IP. Blockchain technology will fundamentally alter art law as we currently know it. In a decentralised society, we aren’t sure exactly what intellectual property looks like? How much influence will DAOs have on encouraging group action among the artistic communities?

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