A new exhibition featuring Christian Dior’s creations debuts in Tokyo, focusing on the love of Japan – “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams”.

Dior is the fastest-growing brand in the business here and that it was currently experiencing something of what he called a “awakening,” being one of the few luxury brands to grow by double digits in Japan in the year 2020.

The exhibition, which debuts on Wednesday, includes 350 haute couture gowns, some of which were inspired by Japan and placed in environments meant to honour Japanese culture. The exhibition’s organiser, Florence Muller, remarked, “For this exhibition, we discovered a lot of stories. “We knew that Christian Dior was the first couturier to come to Japan, but we have discovered amazing documents telling the story in a very detailed way, with Japanese ladies that were very instrumental to this relationship.”

The “Dior Around the World” room, which explores the numerous cultures that have influenced the fashion house’s creations in the past, from India to Africa, concludes the Tokyo exhibitions. Paper lanterns of various sizes, some of which are printed with designs derived from the costumes themselves, are used to accent these items.

The Tokyo exhibition, which is on display until May 28, features various Japanese-inspired pieces as well as older pieces and works by more current creative directors.