Today, there is a continued focus on improving grocery delivery services. Deliveroo are taking it one step further by collaborating with Morrisons to surprisingly open the doors to its first brick-and-mortar store in Oxford Street, London.

With the rise of fast grocery delivery services, the traditional “weekly shop” patterns seem to be a thing of the past as 40% of Londoners indicate that they only shop for food once every two to three days. Deliveroo claims that the new New Oxford Street location will satisfy the needs of busier Londoners who want to quickly pick up a few things for lunch or buy ingredients for their evening meal by placing an order in the app and picking it up on the way home.

The Deliveroo HOP store, which is located on 70 New Oxford Street in London, has over 1,750 food goods, including the “Ready to Eat” and “The Best” lines from Morrisons as well as pantry essentials, snacks, and supper ingredients. Customers can then order items via digital kiosks or the Deliveroo app for quick pickup.

Deliveroo chief operating officer, Eric French expresses how the store “promises a new way to shop for Deliveroo customers, giving them even greater flexibility and choice.” He added that the new store also looks to help boost the local area, “with nearly two thirds of shoppers saying they will visit other nearby shops as they come to shop with Deliveroo.”

The New Oxford Street location is the newest addition to the service as Deliveroo HOP (Deliveroo’s express delivery service) was initially introduced last year, currently available at 16 locations across the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, and the UAE.

Image Courtesy – Deliveroo