With the option to trade in the NFT for an original artwork.

Damien Hirst has joined the NFT party with a collection set to release through art sales platform HENI.

Dubbed “The Currency,” the drop consists of 10,000 hand-painted works of art, each with a corresponding NFT that you can apply for the chance to purchase. Successful applicants will be notified next week if they’d like to purchase an NFT, which will cost $2,000 USD each. The platform accepts payments via credit or debit card, as well as some forms of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, ethereum, and more. Each of the 10,000 pieces is signed on the back with a unique title given by the artist.

Collectors will receive their NFTs on July 29, with the option to trade them in for a physical artwork two months after the NFTs are allocated. They will have until July 27, 2022, or exactly one year after, to make that decision. If exchanges are made, the original NFT will be destroyed.

Take a look at Hirst’s video explaining his NFT series below.