The MET AMS metaverse festival, which emphasises the cultural aspects of NFTs, was the first of its kind in Europe. The festival offered a lot to those in attendance, including art trails, performances, immersive exhibits, and much more. Taking place from June 14 to June 17 this year, we review some key highlights from the event.

Instant-on booths

Numerous initiatives, including Async Art, Rebel Society NFT, Metafluence, Voyager DAO, and others, occupied the plug-and-play booth at MET AMS.

Leading NFT Artists at the MET AMS

Notably, notable figures from the NFT sector joined MET AMS as speakers. Among them were, to name a few, Kerry Murphy, the founder of The Fabricant, Lisa Mayer, the creator of Boss Beauties, Matt and Ste from HAPE, and Emanuel Erdem from Exclusible. Woodies, Zeneca’s 333 Club,, and Dutch Tide are a few of the more projects that have joined the festival. 

Freebies – Magnum

Without a doubt, no NFT conference would be complete without complimentary presents. MET AMS, the first metaverse event in Europe, provided wonderful gifts to attendees. First, visitors received free Magnums at the Magnum stand, which was sponsored by Magnum ice cream, an official partner of MET AMS.Additionally, the business inaugurated the first Magnum virtual pleasure museum in Decentraland. Wearing a VR headset allowed festival goers to explore the Magnum museum in the Decentraland metaverse.

Booths From Major Brands’ Metaverse Powerhouses

We can’t forget the major brand booths taking the most space at the event. The game that stood out the most was Habbo Hotel, which also penetrated the metaverse and was a classic among millennials. You may find out more about why they are back – and this time they are coming for you – at their stand. Maybe from now on, millennials won’t be the only ones who love Habbo!

 Habbo x CyberKongz partnership for increased utility

Overall, despite the present crypto winter gloom, the community came together for the four-day Amsterdam Metaverse Festival. The MET AMS was undoubtedly a fantastic venue for networking with some of the most prominent performers, artists, and fashion designers in the region. To see more about the annual event, visit here.