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Our own STUDIO BLUP co-founder and Creative Director DINES, recognised for his distinctive style and his signature artistic “remixes,” which have been aesthetically likened to grime music, designed an entire NFT collection for Real Madrid and Wales football star Gareth Bale. The footballer dropped his first NFT collection “The Evolution of a Footballer,” on on 28 September 2021.

DINES on collaborating with Gareth, ‘A total dream! I’ve loved him since his Southampton rookie days, where I studied, and have always admired how he became the worlds best — and stayed at the top to become a British sporting legend. When I found out — by my good friends Edward and Eliot at ICM Stellar — that Gareth wanted to move into [the NFT] space, I dropped everything and began creating.’

The drop includes four collectibles in two forms: a 3D animation depicting one of Bale’s most iconic goals — his bicycle-kick go-ahead strike against Liverpool in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final — as well as a series of rotating poster-like images. The latter includes three NFTs featuring a collage of photos from throughout Bale’s accomplished career — offered in increasing rarity.

Read the full interview here and visit the drop page for more information about the collection.