New season arriving in 2022.

A new Stranger Things Season 4 trailer arrived over the weekend as part of Netflix‘s Tudum event. The one-and-a-half-minute video introduces a new haunted site, the Creel House, starting off with the series’ classic nostalgic feeling before revealing a troubled history behind the location.

The Creel House, located in Hawkins, Indiana, was once inhabited by Victor Creel before he was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for the gruesome murder of his family. Creel claims that it was a “vengeful demon” who did it. “I thought I was dying… so I was flooded with relief… but there was a sense of terrible grief too,” mentioned a quote from Creel in a Netflix newsreel teaser.

The trailer gives a preview of the chain of events following up to the murders before showing a familiar cast of characters breaking into the haunted house which teases an ominous grandfather clock.

Watch the trailer below.