Known for being the world’s most popular AI chatbot right now, ChatGPT slows no signs of showing down as it’s set to receive a huge financial boost by Microsoft. As a product of Open AI, what does this mean for the future of Chat GPT and the world of artificial intelligence?

What is Chat GPT?

The chatbot named ChatGPT (released in Nov 2022), which provides responses to messages has became the face of a new, more potent wave of artificial intelligence. The product has a surprising amount of writing ability, including poetry, long form stories, speeches, marketing copy and even writing code and other complex requests. You can try it for yourself at

What does the multi billion dollar investment potentially mean?

Microsoft of course hopes to maintain its position as a leader in generative AI, after they have already invested more than $2 billion into the startup since 2019 – which is a clear statement about the value of OpenAI’s technology to Microsoft’s future and its ability to compete with other major tech firms like Google, Meta, and Apple.

The partnership will see the integration of AI into all of its products. Microsoft stated that the funding would also boost OpenAI’s cloud computing capabilities through Microsoft’s Azure platform in addition to further development. As a result, developers and businesses from a variety of sectors will be able to create and execute their apps using Azure’s best AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain.

The investment mainly indicates that other tech giants will do the same in the future to progress AI. You can talk to Chat GPT at