In an effort to advance a more equitable and diverse metaverse, Meta is also participating in the events at Miami Art Week by launching a collaborative project for creators by taking over Miami’s Soho House.

Meta House was unveiled at Miami Art Week, and the activation will feature mixed reality performances by up-and-coming artists and popular artists like Doja Cat.

In our fifth part of Meta’s Metaverse Culture Series, they have brought together COVL and other up-and-coming artists and activists to celebrate both traditional and avant-garde forms of art, much like Miami Art Week does. They address how the Latinx community may improve and preserve its distinct culture in new ways while also making progress toward equity. Additionally, COVL collaborated with Meta’s Spark AR team to give the artwork, which can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram through the camera, a layer of interactivity. The use of AR and VR as artistic media by COVL was a first.

In these changing digital realms, artists are finding new ways to express themselves. Meta is trying to highlight these artists and the opportunities they may present in the future. In order for its metaverse to succeed, creators will have to help develop more captivating, unique, and original experiences. Meta can’t accomplish this on its alone. So for example we see projects on Instagram such as new exhibitions with its augmented reality components too.

Tomás Karmelo Amaya’s work – @tomaskarmelo